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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, style does NOT have to be too much work when it is true to you and built into your daily routine.

Every fashion season there will always be trends that seek to influence your style, but instead of feeling the pressure to conform you can take aspects of trends to create your own timeless style.

So here are a few tips of how you can upgrade your style everyday:

1. Dress for your body shape and type. The good thing is that we are all different body shapes, heights and sizes with designs that can complement these. They key is to accentuate your best features with an a-line skirt if you are pear shaped; an empire line dress to create shape if you have a narrow build, or statement sleeves to draw attention to the upper body and create balance with your lower half. there is something that works for each person.

2. Decide your week of outfits depending on the environment you will be going in and the weather. What you wear going skiing will not be what you wear to dinner, so although this is an extreme example it gives you an idea of how planning ahead will ensure you are relaxed, but also prepared for any eventuality or change of plans. This also helps to realise what you do actually wear, and can assist in you doing a seasonal clearout of pieces you no longer require.

3. Learn what the dress code is for your chosen occassion, and then put your own spin on it. For example if you love colour but this is a corporate event, then you can add a touch by accessorising a plain white shirt with a bold scarf, or use fabric to add texture to the look by incorporating suede or velvet shoes. Try to confirm the dress code before an event so that you'll be feel confident in your choices and therefore focused on the conversations.

4. Look after your health. Seems random but it’s really not. When you feel good on the inside it will show in the outside and regardless of your shape or size, you will look more comfortable in what you are wearing. Moreover, the reality is that you will have more choice of garments if you choose to prioritise your health.

5. Don’t compare. Comparison is the third of joy and style. Out your own flare on what you’re wearing, whether it be a bold scarf or high heel - just don’t forfeit your preferences because you are afraid to standout. In the words of Harry Winston, people will stare so make it worth their while!

6. Carry spares. For the ladies, spare tights, spare plasters for new shoes etc.. When you are prepared you will feel confident because regardless of what happens it won’t cause you to break a sweat.

7. Plan your makeup to suit your face. Yes it seems obvious but what works for another person may not work for you. So find the colours, techniques and shapes that will bring the best of your own beauty rather than duplicating another . A colour analysis may be useful to help you see what hues highlight your tones colouring.

The key is to enjoy fashion is to be yourself. This is what Style Symphony is about - ensuring that you are reflecting your best self.

To get the most of your everyday wardrobe the key is to get pieces that you know you will wear time after time, so you can maximise cost per wear. Remember you wear the look, the look doesn't wear you.

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