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As we embark on the Christmas season and look forward to the new calendar year, this time brings a renewed focus on your look not only to practically keep warm but to attend any virtual get togethers. The reality is that your image not only speak volumes for you, but also affects your confidence and self perception. In order to feel and look your best, there are some foundational things you can do practically to maximise your looks.

1. Undergarments

Yes an old term I know… but actually what you wear underneath your clothes not only determines your personal comfort, but also the fit of anything you wear regardless of how well tailored it is. Think of underwear as the foundation of a house. When the invisible ground is well set, the visible exterior will be sustainable.

Having a well fitted bra is key to not only your posture but having regular fittings can help you get items that grow and change with your body. Many department stores such as John Lewis, Harrods etc…offer an appointment based system with a dedicated fitter. A good bra is not only essential for the fuller busted, but also for the more petite ladies who still require support and can at times be overlooked in the various sizing.

2. Tailoring

One of the keys to looking your best is to wear clothes that fir well. Simple yet this can be the hardest thing to get right with many brands, especially those on the high street not offering bespoke sizes and cuts regardless of how premium they may be.

Taking a trouser up to meet your height, cinching in a waist to elongate the figure, or adding a shoulder pad to give structure. The fit of an outfit is not merely about looking good, it is about looking like yourself as no-one looks exactly the same as another.

3. Skincare

No matter what your skin type or what area of the northern hemisphere you live, you cannot escape the cold and neither can your skin. Ensuring your skin is both hydrated and moisturised is key- they are not the same thing!

Sheet masks are available at various price points are a quick and convenient way to treat your skin well without you having to be an expert. The age old adage of cleanse, tone and moisturise and doing it twice a day will work wonders for your skin if you are consistent. Lastly, serums are your friend, and the great thing is that the ingredients are potent and can be used to target a specific skin issue.

For spot prone or oily skin truly alpha arbutin and for more dryer skin hyaluronic acid works well amongst many others. As always consult a dermatologist or esthetician for bespoke programme that works specifically for you, and don't forget the SPF even in winter.

The key to lasting change is always a good foundation of staples to take you forward and help you look and feel your best.

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