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The other day when out running an essential errand that I couldn’t do remotely I found myself in a pharmacy that also specialises in wellness. As I was browsing naturally one of the assistants asked me what I was looking for. I had some idea, yet it was only when I was specific that she was able to direct me to the products that I needed. This is the key to life, knowing what you want.

1. Know what you don’t want

Yes, the first key to getting to a fulfilling life, is to get clear on what is not for you in each area. Your finances, relationships, health, hobbies, spiritual life etc… There will be things that align with you and those that don’t. Once you know what you don’t want you can then focus your energy on what you do want to make happen. Eliminating what is not required actually leaves room for you to discover things you may not have realised you wanted.

2. Stop looking for validation

No-one in this world, past or present, no matter how similar they may be to you has had your unique set of life experiences and circumstances. Therefore, it follows that no-one will make the exact same decisions or have the same focus as you; leave alone that they don’t have the same purpose since they are not you. so how you live your life is not meant to be a carbon copy of anyone else’s, and you had a mission before anyone had an opinion so stop looking for anything outside of you to validate what is immeasurable. It is impossible for anyone else to calculate your potential, and moreover the only person who can stop you is you. Seeking validation is a bottomless pit, validate yourself instead and go after your dreams.

3. Fail to plan, plan to fail

Even heard of people saying, don’t shop when you’re hungry? Well, this is because you end up with items that speak to a short-term appetite rather to long term needs. So knowing what you want you want to achieve by having a plan where required for example before a meeting, before you enter the gym, before a date, before ordering food, before starting a project, before having that necessary conversation etc… know what you want the outcome to be, plan as best as you can and this will help you stay focused in the middle of a situation because you already know how to navigate it. In other words, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Knowing what you want in life, will help you live a life that you steer rather than one that drags you along. To get started look into online life plan templates that can help you quickly distil what matters to you most and can help you make the most of your time.

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