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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Society teaches women to pit themselves against one another, to contrast and compare themselves in every area; but none more so that in the area of physical appearance.

The problem with that is beauty is a subjective concept. We are not created equally but uniquely. So if we are different as people, it is no surprise that our external should reflect the kaleidoscope of femininity that exists.

Dressing well and personal grooming is a form of self-respect, not a starting point of comparison. It is a personal choice that will vary from woman to woman because we all have our own style.

No one is your competition because no one can do a better job at being you than yourself.

I am passionate about offering the tips and links to thing and experiences that can help women enhance their beauty, fashion and lifestyle; however my own experiences has borne a passion to also help women be truly confident so we collaborate rather than compete, compliment rather than cut down.

In my own personal experience I have found that the more I take care of my external, unfortunately not only have I encountered hostility and ridicule, but I have found that this has been a result of unconscious inadequacy and fear within the perpetrator. Instead of seeing another woman as a source of knowledge and wisdom, they would rather crucify and isolate.

The reality is everyone has insecurities, however we do not have the right to project that onto another. That woman whose new look you may be jealous of, you may never know what she has been through to be able to walk with that confidence. To be able to look life in the face and not back down, but decide to be her best inside and out.

Ladies, other women have never been your competition. There is enough room for ALL of us to shine in our own unique way.

So what are the solutions?

1. Be yourself unapologetically and seek to always grow and improve for you not for acceptance

2. Surround yourself with confident & secure women who view your beauty/blessings as a point of knowledge rather than something to sabotage

3. Have compassion for those who have not yet learned to fully love the skin they are in

4. Realise that timeless beauty has more do to with your heart, how you treat others and your mental perspective than anything else. It comes from within before it even appears outwardly.

Never dim your light to make others comfortable with how you shine

Let’s be women who truly support women not just in word, but in deed. Women who congratulate a sister when she levels up her look, gets a promotion, starts a healthy relationship, grows her business or gets opportunities in life.

When you move from a scarcity/far mentality, to one of abundance and gratitude, there will be no room for comparison to make a home in your life.

Remember another woman’s beauty is never the absence of your own.

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